Noah Berthusen

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I'm a second year PhD student in computer science at the University of Maryland studying quantum computing and quantum error correction. My advisors are Daniel Gottesman and Michael Gullans

I received my Bachelor's degree in Software Engineering at Iowa State University in May 2021.

I can be reached at someone at example dot com or on LinkedIn.


Quantum Logic Gate Synthesis as a Markov Decision Process
Comparative study of adaptive variational quantum eigensolvers for multi-orbital impurity models
Quantum dynamics simulations beyond the coherence time on NISQ hardware by variational Trotter compression
Learning crystal field parameters using convolutional neural networks
Shallow-circuit variational quantum eigensolver based on symmetry-inspired Hilbert space partitioning for quantum chemical calculations
Efficient step-merged quantum imaginary time evolution algorithm for quantum chemistry

Talks and Presentations

Efficient quantum circuit compression using Reinforcement Learning
May 2021. Iowa State Honors Project poster presentation. See also the companion paper here.
Design of Quantum-classical Computing Hybrid Algorithms for Materials Simulation
April 2021. Poster presentation for National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR).
Introduction to the variational quantum eigensolver method
November 2020. Talk presented at Quantum computing reading group at ISU.
Benchmarking Noise Extrapolation on a Quantum Chip with OpenPulse
August 2020. Oak Ridge National Lab SULI poster presentation.
Quantum variational algorithms apporach to solve the strongly correlated materials challenge
April 2020. Oral presentation at Iowa State Symposium on Undergraduate Research. National Conference on Undergraduate Research at the Montana State University, Bozeman, MT (cancelled due to Covid-19).
Machine Learning and the Schrödinger equation
March 2018. Poster presented Iowa State Honors Research Symposium.